Madison Ivy and Heather Starlet Enjoy Lesbian Action in the Park

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sultry brunette pornstar Madison Ivy is enjoying time on a park bench with the beautiful buxom blonde Heather Starlet. These two hot honeys are dressed up in old fashioned lacy lingerie and Heather has on fishnet stockings. When these babes embrace, rubbing their luscious curves together, it’s totally tantalizing.

These luscious ladies have no intention of stopping there, however. They strip off each others clothing while kissing and rub against each other skin to skin. If anyone happens along while they are lost in each other, neither Madison Ivy nor Heather Starlet care. They are busy licking pussy and that’s all that matters.

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Madison Ivy Strips Naked From White Lace Lingerie

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The beautiful Madison Ivy is looking like a sensuous angel today in filmy and lacy white lingerie. Her long blonde hair cascades with sweet seduction over her shoulder and breasts. Her legs are long and shapely in sheer white stockings.

The naughty vixen playfully bares her fleshy titties and tight pink slit. She spreads her legs so you can get a close up view as she moves her panties aside. She removes her bra entirely and bends over to flash you her delicious ass. Madison Ivy spreads her legs and touches her wet cunt. She’s ready to go and hopes you will join her for the cumming fun!

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Madison Ivy Shows Off Hot Pussy in Lingerie

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blonde seductress Madison Ivy is showing off her luscious curves in sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. Her ass is a luscious treasure waiting to be devoured. Her succulent titties threaten to spill out of her bustier. She slips her straps down, letting her huge breasts free to enjoy the air as she removes her panties.

Her cunt is seriously hungry for attention and Madison Ivy is not a fan of ignoring it’s needs. She fondles her sensitive tissues and spreads them open wide, allowing you a great view of her pink hole. That’s where she’d like to feel your big, thick cock!

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Madison Ivy Strips For Sweet Pussy Dessert

Sunday, June 30, 2013

When you took pornstar hottie Madison Ivy out to dinner, you had no idea you’d have so much fun. But really, the fun is just beginning as this sexy mama begins to treat you to dessert. She lifts her flirty red skirt, revealing bright yellow panties that look stunningly sexy next to her golden brown skin.

She slips the material off and spreads her legs, letting you know that this babe is all about feeling good. Soon she is naked and on the couch, waiting for you to slide your tongue in between her wet and ready folds of flesh for the sweetest feast of all!

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Madison Ivy Gets a Deep Tissue Pussy Massage

Friday, June 7, 2013

So this week on Porn Star Spa we have a special treat for you, we have the gorgeous Madison Ivy. This girls body is just perfection at it’s finest, she has huge beautiful tits, and a slim tight body with a juicy ass to finish off the package.

After watching her go through her routine we get a glance at how fine this chick is during her workouts, but even better we get a chance to see her workout in the nude. She gets her friend to hook her up with a local massage therapist, and the rest takes off from there.

After he does his thing and gets Madison all relaxed he surprises her with his meatbat just resting on her face, her only reaction is to shove it in her mouth and get it wet and ready. Next thing you know she is getting pounded in every direction possible. Hope you enjoy.

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Madison Ivy is a Cum Thief

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gather round ye boys and girls for the tale of the elusive Cum Thief. It is said she is of small stature, with breasts as big as the melon. Her slit is small and portly. She works her magic while you sleep; coming in and taking your cum from your member with her soft tiny hands. Some say that if you speak her name, she’ll do your every bidding.

In all seriousness though, Madison Ivy is back from a year long hiatus and she is new and improved!!! She knows exactly how to tug and tease a cock. She starts off slow with sensual tugs. Then she picks up the pace, all the while teasing your dick with her luscious lips and mouth. In no time, you won’t be able to withstand her touch; blowing a load all over her. This was a good tug. Don’t miss it!

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Madison Ivy Takes on Two Dicks At Once

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What can I say about Madison Ivy that hasn’t been uttered a billion times out the mouths of perverts. Guys 7 girls alike. She’s fine as fuck. She loves dick. She’s a sexy temptress no man or woman on earth could deny. The way she moves is so sultry. It’s so sexy and attractive. It’s the way you want a woman to move. You want a woman to lie on her back and lift her legs in to the air peeking at you from in between them with eyes that could make your balls melt in her mouth and rubbed with her hands….

Ok. Obviously I’m excited about Madison Ivy. Watch the fucking movie and see what I’m talking about. She takes on two dicks at the same time with such pleasure it’s hard to look away during a kitchen fire in your small studio apartment. I’ll get back to you guys later!!! I gota GO!!

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Madison Ivy Gives Hardcore Footjob

Sunday, May 26, 2013

On our latest update of Magical Feet we have the sexy Madison Ivy working her gorgeous pretty toes on my home boy Alex. This babe has some huge tits, small waist, and a nice big ass that would make you wanna anal fuck her hardcore. But I gotta tell you, for being her first time, she could jerk your cock in many ways and would make you cum in seconds. This babe is awesome with her magical stroking feet skills. Enjoy cause I sure did.

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Madison Ivy Gets Fucked While Stud’s Wife Watches

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Madison Ivy goes home with married man, she’s worried about his wife busting them. Soon she realizes that his wife, Asa Akira, is there watching them. Not only does she not mind him cheating, but she loves every hot and hardcore minute of it. She wants to see all that juicy fucking and then participate by cleaning up every drop – with her tongue. Hardcore video action at it’s best!

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Madison Ivy Strips Naked From Pink Lingerie

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Delicious pornstar Madison Ivy waits on the bed in pink bikini lingerie. Her long brown hair and golden skin beckon you to touch them. She takes off her bra, letting you know that she’d love to feel your hands on her luscious titties. Her nipples are hard and firm, aching for the feel of your tongue.

She slides her panties down and kneels one knee on the bed, letting you know she just loves it doggy style. She shows off her pussy in a number of positions, waiting for you to make your choice. Madison Ivy wants to know what kind of fucking you want. It’s your lucky day!

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Madison Ivy Rocks Big Tits in White Lace Lingerie

Sunday, May 5, 2013

When you see Madison Ivy looking so sensuous in her white bikini lingerie, you’ll know exactly why this babe has been named Twisty’s Treat of the Month April 2013. Her long brown hair is a delight. Her body is just one stunning curve after another. Her skin looks as sweet as honey.

Her lips as sweet as strawberries. And when this sexy fine honey starts stripping those clothes off and showing off her sweet titties and lovely little pussy, you know you just want to dive in and get a taste of that honey. That’s how it is with treats – they are delicious!

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Madison Ivy is Gorgeous and Horny

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Madison Ivy is looking like a million bucks in her chunky silver necklace, earrings, and shoes while enjoying her luxurious fake-fur stole. The April 2013 Twistys Treat of the Month is achingly sexy and clearly in the mood to play.

She might appear to have everything she wants – beautiful shoes, fine diamonds, and luxurious garments, but this naked babe needs one thing most of all – sexual attention. She’s a strong woman, though, and perfectly content to provide for her own needs. She lays back, spreads her legs, and gets busy with her special toy, sliding it deep into her sweet pussy for maximum pleasure!

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Madison Ivy Gives Seductive Striptease

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Madison Ivy is not only the most beautiful Twistys Treat of the Month April 2013, but this lady is one incredibly classy lady. The sexy babe wears a clingy gold dress that shimmers and caresses her sultry curves. She leans against the table in a beautiful dining room, her opulent surroundings reflected the classiness of the lady herself.

This babe loves posing for the camera, but when she is completely naked and sitting on the table, she can’t help but wonder – if she lays back just so and spreads her legs a bit, will you make her your personal dessert treat?

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Madison Ivy Makes Herself Cum in the Shower

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brunette bombshell Madison Ivy has had a rather stressful day. The popular lady just achieved the title of Twistys Treat of the Month for April 2013 and things have been non-stop excitement for her ever since. She loves every minute of it but everyone needs a little downtime and she’s taking hers in the shower.

The water is perfect for washing away the tension and soothing the tingles of excitement that keep her from relaxing properly. It’s also great for tickling her sweet pussy and clit in all the ways she needs. Madison has the perfect way to relieve her tensions and get back to the life she loves!

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Madison Ivy Strips For Outdoor Masturbation

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sexy brunette babe Madison Ivy certainly lives up to her image! This bodacious beauty is Twistys Treat of the Month for April 2013 and she is one of the most decadent treats we’ve ever seen!

When this luscious lady poses for the camera, you are helpless to do anything but watch because she’s so hot. But then she pulls out a toy, spreads her legs, and starts fucking her own hungry pussy – a truly eye-popping thrill! This sexy lady has it all – beauty, grace, charm, sensuality, and within all of that beats the heart of a horny little vixen. She’s the perfect woman!

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